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What makes buying in to SouthIndia Properties such a pleasure?
The answer is ” South India Properties  makes a peace of earth a more beautiful place for u to live. Extremely well priced product committed to provide you with an environment and quality services at affordable prices. Thousands of millionaires love assured escalations on the investment your life for mesmerizing perspective. The homes as been designed with un matched quality construction service and to provide the best in residential properties surrounded by abundance of natural beauty it’s rare to find in the heart of the city to make your homes for landmark’s.
Your dreams we believe and we create the homes that will allow peace, prosperity and happiness to naturally sleep In to your life so just step away from the bustling city and walk up every day to the peaceful and joyous life. Today Chennai is arguably the fastest growing industry in India is the real estate industry. No wonder flats here are one of the most lucrative and risk free investments for your hard earned money these flats are sure to meet the repairmen of modern living. We believe and trusted services. The principle that define the way we conduct business so made us in quality reliability trusted and time trusted company with clean and clear title deeds.
South India Properties  comes to fantasy takes. You will agree with us when we saw that a happy and joyous home in the road that leads to life’s riches. South India Properties  is your ideal investments by virtual of its present in a developing locality set to witness enormous growth possibilities and this would be the right measure to safe guard your future. The advantage of being situated on a rapidly developing location and  what’s more being a prime locations to find harmony not just homes this doubles up a phenomenal investment opportunity as well service to the valued customers.
Why special on to buy this valued property?
Our highlights and special Focus
Adhering to CMDA Norms Rainwater harvesting
Promotion and Maintainace of Property Perfect specification's
Asset management services Clear and clean title
  The concept of “vasthu Shastra” played a major role in the construction of houses in olden days. Where as now, it is scientifically proven that the introduction of vasthu concepts in designing a flat brings health, harmony, peace and prosperity in life. Hence we are designing our flats as per vasthu to maximum possibility.
  Now-a-days all flats are fully paved with concrete all around the building, this results stagnation of rainwater inside the building as well on the roads and overflow and blockage in the drainage lines. Overflow in the storm water drains. Hence we introduce “rainwater harvest system” in our flats so that the rainwater is collected in the subsoil for high water level.
  Started realizing the importance of growing trees all around the property. In order to initiate this, we are leaving moist spaces all round our properties and plant saplings. We make them grow along with the building to have pollution free atmosphere and fresh air and shadow in our flats to be in harmony with nature and to have timely monsoons to give aesthetic look to our flats
  We have been playing a significant role in Chennai real estate business for over 10 years. We have been a renowned building contractors for over 10 years, all through the years we have been involved in scores of construction work encompassing individual homes, guest houses, apartments, schools, industrial etc stand as a testimony to our commitment and our dedication to provide the best to our discerning customers. More than building, we have build trust and dependability as we see a growing urge among the great majority of people to own quality flats and residential apartments and willing to invest in the growing real estate business, we thought its time to take wings and grow into a fully fledged construction company. There is a constant demand for well designed and constructed residential apartments in Chennai. We have understood this demand and are committed to provide the solutions with world class architecture, ultra modern finish, superior quality materials and branded fittings and timely completion though we had a modest beginning. We are confident that we have the vision, professionalism, focus and expertise and our commitment to value driven initiatives will help every of our customer have a fruitful, profitable association with us, irrespective of the size of the projects .our mission is to achieve customers satisfaction by delivering aesthetic and efficient constructions with the required specifications and time frame, with as much value addition as possible BMJHOMES is a premier construction company honored with peoples trust innovation with strong commitments to quality and customers satisfaction is the companies key stone.
  We have very strong and firm belief in some of the value driven initiatives. Having respect for the individual and recognizing that people are our greatest asset. By providing through our products and services innovative solutions that address customer’s current, future and potential requirements with uncompromising attention to detail. Nurture qualitative and enduring relationship with our customers. By responding to our clearly and promptly and with respect to which each  customer is entitled. Achieving this through we unmatched sprint of dedication and throuth our key strengths of people, Integrity, leadership, service and  customer focused initiatives.
Customer Speak:
  Friendly and accommodative  people. Flexible in approach, patient and attendance with  client’s Good team of lawyers. Key personal are  always available  over  phone anytime for the clients.